Sunday, May 31, 2009

May BirdWire eNewsletter

ABC Video Highlights Damage to Birds from Trap, Neuter, Release Programs
American Bird Conservancy has produced a new, short video "Trap, Neuter, and Release: Bad for Cats, Disaster for Birds." Each year, feral and free-roaming cats kill hundreds of millions of our nation's birds, putting additional pressure on the populations of many species that are in decline.

Trap, Neuter, and Release (TNR) programs catch feral cats, neuter them, and then release them back to their colonies, which are subsequently maintained by volunteers. In theory, cat colonies managed under TNR will diminish over time through attrition, and eventually disappear. In practice this is not the case.

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Peru Recognizes Private Conservation Areas on Community Lands in High Andes
The government of Peru has recognized two Private Conservation Areas on community lands near Machu Picchu, that protect threatened Polylepis forests for the benefit of local communities and endangered wildlife. The project, sponsored by American Bird Conservancy in conjunction with its Peruvian partner group AsociaciĆ³n Ecosistemas Andinos (ECOAN), has been working with local communities to create a number of forest reserves, which are being made possible by sustainable development projects benefitting local citizens.

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EPA Bans Deadly Pesticide Responsible for Millions of Bird Deaths
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced its final decision to ban all residues of the highly toxic pesticide carbofuran (sold under the name Furadan), on food sold in the U.S. Carbofuran is responsible for the deaths of thousands of birds, and has been the target of an American Bird Conservancy campaign to prevent all uses. The agency's announcement confirms a proposed action dating back to July 2008. The manufacturer, FMC Corporation, now has 90 days to challenge the decision. EPA is also proceeding with the cancellation of all registered uses of the pesticide."

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Obama Administration Moves to Protect Spotted Owl
On March 31st, in response to a court case brought by American Bird Conservancy and other conservation organizations, the Obama Administration told Federal Judge Emmet Sullivan that it would not defend the Bush Administration's Northern Spotted Owl Recovery Plan or its decision to reduce Critical Habitat for the owl, and would instead pursue a settlement with the plaintiffs to have the plan revoked. Settlement negotiations continue, but the Administration has asked for a 60-day delay to permit it more time to consider the issues until more Interior Department staff are confirmed by the Senate.

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Photos: Cat killing a bird, Gil Ewing; Community reserve in Peru, ECOAN; Bald Eagle, USFWS; Norther Spotted Owl, USFWS

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