Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Audubonistas de Laguna Chapala
June 15, 2008

We will probably make a kayak outing after the rain season is over.

Meanwhile, on any pleasant day, avail yourself of a Kayak at Mezcala and get in an hour or so of practice for the main event. (We plan to add a kayaking component to our next Winter's Audubon Bird Count).

Kayak Birding

Fellow audubonista Chuck Giles and Randy Branch have 6 one-person kayaks and a 4 person canoe for rent at $80 peso per hour.

If you want to try it out on your own, contact Randy at 766 1031 to make arrangements to rent the canoe or a kayak.

Watch for our next birding outing to be announced. If you have a favorite nook or cranny for birds and want to share it, please let us know at avesajijic@yahoo.com

And ... please register and then login to our Chapala Birding Discussion Forum at avesajijic.com/forum to report your sightings, arrange for birding partners, and to ask/answer birding questions.


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