Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Birding Lake Chapala

November 4, 2009


Next Bird Walk Friday, November 20, at 8.30 a.m. at Riberas Ravine

Dates Announced for Christmas Bird Counts

Lake Chapala Bird Festival

Report on the last Bird Walk

120 Species Sighted in October

Your hosts
John and Rosemary Keeling
John & Rosemary

Please send information of any interesting bird sightings to:
or phone 766-1801


  • Next Bird Walk Friday, November 20, at 8.30 a.m. at Riberas Ravine

  • Join bird leader Stan Dunn for a Bird Walk up the Riberas Ravine on November 20. Expect to see orioles and various flycatchers and, if we are very lucky, a squirrel cuckoo or a russet-crowned motmot. At about 10.15 we will go for breakfast at Mom's Restaurant to complete the morning's bird list. Bring binoculars of course, and wear hiking shoes as the trail is rocky in parts.

    How to get there:
    From Ajijic, drive to Riberas; turn left at Mom's Restaurant onto San Jorge; proceed two blocks to the end of the street, and park.

  • Dates Announced for Christmas Bird Counts

  • There will be two "CBCs" here this year:

    A) Friday December 18 will be the regular Ajijic area Bird Count.
    B) Wednesday December 16 will be the new Bird Count at the other end of the lake, designated as the 'Ciénega de Chapala' Bird Count. Ciénega means marsh, referring to the old marsh which, before it was drained for farming in 1910, constituted one third of the area of the lake. Expect to see a wider range of water birds and raptors there.

    These are open to the public. There will be a fee which will include an identification workshop on a prior day and a dinner celebration at the end of the counting day. We are looking for volunteers to help with organizing. Further details will be given out later this month. Please put these dates on your calendar now.

    The Christmas Bird Count for Guadalajara will be conducted on Monday December 14. Anyone interested in taking part in the Guadalajara count should reply to this email.

  • Lake Chapala Bird Festival

  • The first Lake Chapala Migratory Bird Festival will be held from November 21-28. Sponsored by "Corazón de la Tierra" (Heart of the Earth), this will be a first attempt at developing an appreciation for birds in the local people. Included will be a display of bird photographs by Vince Gravel in Chapala City Hall, and some Bird Walks with Spanish-speaking leaders, however details of these have not yet been finalized.

  • Report on the last Bird Walk

  • Photo of Lucy's Warbler

    Vince Gravel led 12 birders on a productive walk October 23 at the Carnero dam at Santa Rosa. Forty five species were sighted including Fulvous Whistling Duck and Lucy's Warbler. Thank you, Vince.

  • 120 Species Sighted in October

  • Below are the species seen around the lake in October by Don Bell, Stan and Darnelle Dunn, and others. Don Bell identified a Willow Warbler, which is a first for Chapala. John and Rosemary Keeling spotted a Yellow-crowned Night Heron and Northern Harrier from the dike at the east end of the lake. For several days a Lesser Nighthawk slept all day on a tree beside Stan Dunn's house in La Floresta. Elegant Euphonias were reported by several people.

    Groove-billed ani
    American avocet
    Brewer's blackbird (Ac)
    Red-winged blackbird
    Yellow-headed blackbird
    Crested caracara (Dp)
    Yellow-breasted chat
    American Coot
    Neotropic cormorant
    Bronzed cowbird
    Inca dove
    Mourning dove
    White-winged dove
    Black-bellied whistling duck (Rc)
    Fulvous whistling duck (Rc)
    Mexican duck
    Muscovy duck
    Ruddy duck (Rc,Cd)
    Cattle egret
    Great egret
    Snowy egret
    Elegant euphonia
    House finch
    Dusky-capped flycatcher
    Gray flycatcher
    Gray-silky flycatcher
    Least flycatcher
    Social flycatcher
    Vermillion flycatcher
    Willow flycatcher (Ac)
    Blue-gray gnatcatcher
    Lesser goldfinch
    Great-tailed grackle
    Blue-black grasquit
    Least grebe
    Black-headed grosbeak
    Blue grosbeak
    Laughing gull
    Northern harrier (Dp)
    Cooper's hawk (Ac)
    Red-tailed hawk
    Sharp-shinned hawk (Ac)
    Black-crowned night heron
    Great blue heron
    Green heron
    Little blue heron (Dp)
    Tri-colored heron
    Yellow-crowned night heron (Dp)
    Broad-billed hummingbird
    Caliope hummingbird (Ac)
    Ruby-throated hummingbird
    Rufous hummingbird
    Violet-crowned hummingbird
    White-faced ibis
    Northern jacana
    American kestrel
    Cassin's kingbird
    Thick-billed kingbird
    Tropical kingbird
    Western kingbird
    Belted kingfisher
    Great kiskadee
    White-tailed kite (Jo,Dp)
    Blue mockingbird
    Northern mockingbird
    Common moorhen
    Russet-crowned motmot (Ac)
    Lesser nighthawk (Af)
    Black-backed oriole
    Black-vented oriole
    Hooded oriole
    Orchard oriole
    Streak-backed oriole
    Great horned owl
    American white pelican
    Greater pewee
    Western wood pewee
    Rock pigeon
    Common raven
    Rufous-backed robin
    Least sandpiper
    Spotted sandpiper
    White-collared seedeater Northern shoveller (Rc)
    Loggerhead shrike
    House sparrow
    Lark sparrow
    Lincoln's sparrow
    Rusty-crowned ground sparrow
    Stripe-headed sparrow
    Black-necked stilt
    Barn swallow
    Northern rough-winged swallow
    Tree swallow
    Western tanager
    Blue-winged teal
    Cinnamon teal
    Green-winged teal
    Curve-billed thrasher
    Orange-billed nightingale thrush
    Canyon towhee
    Warbling Vireo
    Black vulture
    Turkey vulture
    Black and white warbler
    Black-throated gray warbler (At)
    Lucy's warbler (Rc)
    McGillivray's warbler
    Nashville warbler
    Wilson's warbler
    Yellow warbler
    Yellow-rumped warbler
    Golden-fronted woodpecker
    Ladder-backed woodpecker
    Bewick's wren
    Canyon wren
    House wren
    Spotted wren

    Codes for areas of sightings:

    Af - Ajijic La Floresta
    Ac - Ajijic La Cristina
    Ap - Ajijic Pantheon
    As - Ajijic Saddle above shrine
    At - Ajijic Tepalo waterfall
    Cp - Santa Cruz pumping stn
    Cd - Santa Cruz dams
    Dp - Dike near La Palma
    Pt - San Pedro Tesistan
    Pz - San Pedro Itzican
    Jo - Jocotepec
    Pe - Petatan
    Po - Poncitlan
    Pt - Las Protrillos hill
    Rc - Santa Rosa Carnero dam
    Ro - Rancho del Oro
    Rr - Riberas reservoir
    Rs - Riberas shore
    Sv - San Antonio Chula Vista
    Sc - San Juan Cosala
    Te - San Juan Tecomatlan
    Tu - Tuxcueca


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