Monday, August 17, 2009

Birding Lake Chapala News

Birding Lake Chapala
August 17, 2009


Next Bird Walk Monday, August 31, at 8.30 a.m.

Brown Pelicans Reported for Second Time this Year

Report on August 12 Bird Walk


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John and Rosemary Keeling
John & Rosemary

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  • Next Bird Walk Monday, August 31, at 8.30 a.m.
  • Join leader Sally Pachulski on the next bird walk in Riberas del Pilar. Expect to see lesser goldfinches, white collared seedeaters, various wrens, rufous-backed thrushes (robins), neotropic comorants and black-crowned night herons. At about 10.30 we will go for breakfast at Mom's Resaurant at the east end of Riberas to complete the bird list.

    How to get there: Go east from Ajijic about 2 mi (4km) to Riberas, turn right towards the lake at the Seven-Eleven store (this is Calle San Mateo), and park where this street meets the lake, three short blocks from the carretera.

  • Brown Pelicans Reported for Second Time this Year
  • Brown Pelican

    We have received a report from Terry Pitzner, who lives on the shoreline of San Juan Cosala, of the sighting of several Brown Pelicans on three separate days at the beginning of August. This follows a similar series of sightings reported in the second week of April by Reta Bray who lives on the shore in El Chante. It seems that in each case the bird's location on any day was not predictable, and they did not stay very long.
    (Brown Pelican photo by Vince Gravel)

  • Report on August 12 Bird Walk
  • Eleven birders joined leader Don Bell at La Christina. Thirty one species were identified as listed below:

    Ani, groove-billed
    Cormorant, neotropic
    Cowbird, bronzed
    Dove, Inca
    Egret, great
    Egret, snowy
    Finch, house
    Flycatcher, social
    Flycatcher, vermilion
    Goldfinch, lesser
    Grackle, great-tailed
    Hawk, Cooper's
    Heron, great blue
    Heron, tricolored
    Hummingbird, violet-crowned
    Ibis, white-faced
    Kiskadee, great
    Mockingbird, blue (heard)
    Shrike, loggerhead
    Sparrow, house
    Sparrow, stripe-headed
    Swallow, barn
    Swallow, northern rough-winged
    Tanager, western
    Thrush, rufous-backed
    Towhee, canyon
    Woodpecker, golden-fronted
    Wren, Bewick's
    Wren, canyon
    Wren, spotted

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