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Birding Lake Chapala News

Birding Lake Chapala
August 3, 2009


Next Bird Walk Wednesday, August 12, at 8.30 a.m.

July Influx of Tropical Tanagers

Report on July 31 Bird Walk

Birds Seen Here in July


John & Rosemary
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John and Rosemary Keeling

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  • Next Bird Walk Wednesday, August 12, at 8.30 a.m.
  • Join leader Don Bell on the next bird walk at La Christina. Expect to see white-winged doves, orioles, lesser goldfinches, and white collared seedeaters. At about 10.30 we will go for breakfast at Doña Lola's on the west side of Ajijic to complete the bird list.

    How to get there: Go west from Ajijic about 2 mi (3km), turn left towards the lake at the sign to La Christina, which is a few yards west of the turn-off to Las Palmas. Park near the lake or on the street signed 'Calle Rosales'.

  • July Influx of Tropical Tanagers
  • Stan Dunn has seen the first Flame-colored Tanager to be reported in the Lake Chapala area - see illustration. Also seen in July were Hepatic Tanagers, and Red-headed Tanagers. This last species is endemic to Mexico and is easily confused with the Western Tanager. However, the Western Tanager goes north for the summer, so if you think you are seeing a Western Tanager here in the summer - think Red-headed.

  • Report on July 31 Bird Walk
  • Eleven birders joined leader Stan Dunn at the Jocotepec Malecon. Thirty species were sighted including stripe-headed sparrow and yellow warbler. The species seen are indicated with asterisks in the list below.

  • Birds Seen Here in July
  • Below is the list of 96 bird species seen around the Lake during July, 2009, by Stan Dunne, Flossie Merrifield and John and Rosemary Keeling. Codes (explained at the bottom) indicate where the uncommon or unexpected birds were seen. Asterisks indicate a bird seen on the July 31 Bird Walk.

    Ani, groove billed *
    Avocet, American (Dp)
    Bittern, least
    Blackbird, red-winged
    Blackbird, yellow headed
    Bobwhite, northern (Cp)
    Caracara, crested
    Coot, American
    Cormorant, neotropic *
    Cowbird, bronzed
    Cowbird, brown-headed *
    Cuckoo, squirrel (At)
    Dove, common ground (Cp)
    Dove, Inca *
    Dove, mourning (Cp)
    Dove, white-winged
    Duck, black-bellied whistling (Dp)
    Duck, fulvous whistling (Dp)
    Duck, Mexican *
    Egret, cattle
    Egret, great *
    Egret, snowy *
    Finch, house *
    Flycatcher, cordilleran
    Flycatcher, dusky-capped
    Flycatcher, gray silky (Af,Rs)
    Flycatcher, sulphur-bellied (Sl)
    Flycatcher, vermilion *
    Flycatcher, social *
    Goldfinch, lesser *
    Grackle, great-tailed *
    Grassquit, blue-black
    Grebe, least
    Grebe,pied-billed (Cp)
    Grosbeak, blue
    Heron, black-crowned night *
    Heron, great blue *
    Heron, green
    Heron, little blue
    Heron, tri-colored
    Hummingbird, beryline
    Hummingbird, broad-billed
    Hummingbird, magnificent
    Hummingbird, sparkling tailed
    Hummingbird, violet-crowned *
    Hummingbird, white-eared
    Ibis, white-faced *
    Jacana, northern
    Kingbird, Cassin's
    Kingbird, tropical *
    Kingbird, western
    Kiskadee, great *
    Kite, white-tailed
    Meadowlark, eastern (Cp)
    Mockingbird, blue
    Mockingbird, northern (Cp)
    Moorhen, common *
    Motmot, russet-crowned (Rr)
    Oriole, black-backed
    Oriole, black-vented
    Oriole, Bullock's (Cp)
    Oriole, hooded
    Oriole, streak-backed *
    Parakeet, orange-fronted (Af)
    Pelican, American white (Dp)
    Phoebe, black (Te)
    Pigeon, rock
    Raven, common
    Sandpiper, least (Dp)
    Seedeater, white collared *
    Shrike, loggerhead
    Sparrow, house *
    Sparrow, rufous crowned (As)
    Sparrow, stripe-headed *
    Spoonbill, roseate (Dp)
    Stilt, black-necked
    Stork, wood (Dp)
    Swallow, barn *
    Swallow, cliff (Cp)
    Swallow, northern rough-winged
    Tanager, flame-colored (Ap)
    Tanager, hepatic (At)
    Tanager, red headed (At,Ap)
    Thrasher, curve billed
    Thrush, orange-billed nightingale (At)
    Thrush, rufous backed *
    Towhee, canyon *
    Warbler, yellow *
    Woodpecker, golden-fronted *
    Woodpecker, ladder-backed (Af,Ap)
    Wren, canyon *
    Wren, Bewick's *
    Wren, cactus (Ap)
    Wren, spotted

    Codes for areas of sightings:

    Af - Ajijic La Floresta
    Ap - Ajijic Pantheon
    As -Ajijic Saddle above shrine
    At - Ajijic Tepalo waterfall
    Cp - Santa Cruz pumping stn
    Dp - Dike near La Palma
    Rr - Riberas reservoir
    Rs - Riberas shore
    Sv - San Antonio Chula Vista
    Te - San Juan Tecomatlan

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