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Audubonistas de Laguna Chapala Newsletter
Corrections to Feb 9 issue
February 10, 2009
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Hola Audubonista(s) Allen Turner,

\\We have a couple of corrections to our last newsletter. Specifically, the "king rails" were more likely immature moorhens. And we are adding Bushtit to the list. ///

See also the What Bird query at the bottom of this email.

Our next Bird Walk will be at 8:30 a.m. on March 2, 2009 at the Jocotepec Malecon. John Roynon will be our Lead Birder.

Today, Feb 9, 2009 was spectacular east of Chapala on the Lake. Thirty -two birders identified 58 species. I have added the location to our interactive map of birding sites around the Lake. Special thanks are due to our Lead Birders John and Rosemary Keeling.

Andreia Malpica from Aveoptica.com joined with us today and showed a selection of birding binoculars and bird books that we can order through her.

Kenn Kaufman's report from Antartica was forwarded to us by Guadalajara birder Paula Lozano.

Vince Gravel, our photographer, sends greetings from Texas and promises a quick return.

March 2, 2009 at 8:30 a.m. Next Bird Walk
Jocotopec Malecon
map to joco malecon

Click on map image above for the directions,

Join us at 8:30 on the Malecon in Jocotepec where John Roynon will be our Lead Birder. The Malecon is at the east end of town.

Santa Cruz de la Soledad Birding
Today's Sightings

  1. American White Pelican
  2. Neotropic Cormorant
  3. Great Egret
  4. Little Blue Heron
  5. Snowy Egret
  6. Cattle Egret
  7. Green Heron
  8. White-faced Ibis (many)
  9. Blue-winged Teal
  10. Cinnamon Teal
  11. Northern Shoveler
  12. Turkey Vulture
  13. White-tailed Kite (nesting pair)
  14. American Kestrel
  15. Common Moorhen
  16. American Coot
  17. Black-necked Stilt
  18. Killdeer
  19. Wilson's Snipe (heard)
  20. Greater Yellowlegs
  21. Lesser Yellowlegs
  22. Caspian Tern
  23. Inca Dove
  24. White-winged Dove
  25. Groove-billed Ani
  26. Broad-billed Hummingbird
  27. Violet-crowned Hummingbird
  28. Golden-fronted Woodpecker
  29. Cordilleran Flycatcher
  30. Vermillion Flycatcher
  31. Great Kiskadee
  32. Social Flycatcher
  33. Tropical Kingbird
  34. Cassin's Kingbird
  35. Tree Swallow
  36. Bushtit
  37. Northern Rough-winged Swallow
  38. Barn Swallow
  39. Blue-grey Gnatcatcher
  40. Loggerhead Shrike
  41. Orange-crowned Warbler
  42. Yellow-breasted Chat
  43. White-collared Seedeater
  44. Stripe-headed Sparrow
  45. Lark Sparrow
  46. Black-headed Grosbeak
  47. Blue Grosbeak
  48. Lazuli Bunting
  49. Painted Bunting ?
  50. Red-winged Blackbird
  51. Yellow-headed Blackbird
  52. Brown-headed Cowbird
  53. Streak-backed Oriole
  54. Hooded Oriole
  55. Bullock's Oriole
  56. Black-vented Oriole
  57. House Finch
  58. Lesser Goldfinch

Binoculars and BirdBooks

We were pleased to be joined by Andreia Malpica who represents AveOptica. At Mom's Cafe after-birding she showed a sample of Binoculars and Birdbooks available from AveOptica.

Andreia will assist in selecting and delivering birding aides. Contact her in Guadalajara at

Andreia Malpica Topete
Teléfono 36327740
Celular 3311264876

Kenn Kaufman Reports
from antarctica

Paula Lozano, one of our Audubonistas from Guadalajara sends this link to a report from her friend Kenn Kaufman.(author of many bird books).

World Class Bird Photographer to Return to Lake Chapala
Vince Gravel reports in.

White-tailed Kite -- Vince Photo

Vince and Norma Gravel, having sojourned in Tejas for some time, report that they are well and will soon be returning to LakeSide. Vince's photographs have graced National Geographic, Field and Stream and other natural science magazines.

Find Feathered Friends -- Ojo de Lago Archives.

For the past year, Judy and I have been writing articles on birding Lake Chapala. These are published monthly in the Ojo de Lago under the heading Find Feathered Friends.

These articles are available online in the Ojo's online magazine. see chapala.com >> =columnists >> Find Feathered Friends

Read the articles at http://chapala.com/chapala/columnists/columnists.htm

What Bird is This?

Photo by Bob Miller.

Bob & Marg

Can anyone tell me what this bird is? It was taken around San Antonio. It is the size of a robin. Has a black cap like a catbird. But is lighter gray than a catbird and has white wing bars. Help!

Post your reply to our forum at avesajijic.com/forum

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