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Jocotepec November 11 Report

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Joco Report

Here is the List of Birds Sighted on November 11 at the Jocotepec Malecon
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Hola Audubonista(s) Allen,
Report from the Malecon at Jocotepec, Jalisco, Mexico (Nov 11, 2007):
We had a great turnout of birds and watchers but once again the Birds won 52 to 34.
Special recognition goes to today's Lead Birders Don Bell and Tom Holeman.
The Lake is up; the pelicans are back but out far at this end of the Lake. The most numerous species was the white-faced ibis with well over a hundred foraging in the lirios at the ends of the malecon.
A "life-bird" for many of us was the plumbeous vireo.
Be sure to watch for announcements about the Christmas Bird Counts at Lake Chapala and Guadalajara.
Allen y Judy (Turner y Boyd)
Here is the List of Birds Sighted on November 11 at the Jocotepec Malecon
  1. Common Moorhen
  2. Mexican Duck
  3. Blue Winged Teal
  4. Cinnamon Teal
  5. Green Winged Teal
  6. American Coot
  7. Northern Jacana
  8. Wilson's ( common ) Snipe
  9. Great Egret
  10. Snowy Egret
  11. Spotted Sandpiper
  12. Killdeer
  13. Least Sandpiper
  14. White Faced Ibis
  15. Turkey Vulture
  16. Black Crowned Night Heron
  17. Great Blue Heron
  18. Ring Billed Gull
  19. Pacific-Slope Flycatcher
  20. Blue Gray Gnatcatcher
  21. Vermillion Flycatcher
  22. Brown-headed Cowbird
  23. Marsh Wren
  24. Yellow Rumped Warbler
  25. Yellow Warbler
  26. Plumbeous Vireo
  27. Common YellowThroat
  28. Hepatic Tanager
  29. White Collared Seedeater
  30. Lesser Goldfinch
  31. Lark Sparrow
  32. Savannah Sparrow
  33. Yellow Headed Blackbird
  34. Bullock's Oriole
  35. House Finch
  36. House Sparrow
  37. Rock Dove
  38. White-Winged Dove
  39. Inca Dove
  40. Common Ground Dove
  41. Belted Kingfisher
  42. Violet Crowned Hummingbird
  43. Golden Fronted Woodpecker
  44. Canyon Towhee
  45. Great Kiskadee
  46. Social Flycatcher
  47. Cassin's Kingbird
  48. Great Tailed Grackle (Zanate)
  49. English House Sparrow
  50. Hepatic Tanager
  51. Barn Swallow
  52. Cattle Egret
  53. Groove Billed Ani
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Colima Volcano
We will be communicating with Colima Birders Ruth and Von Peacock about a trip up the Volcano. We will want to limit the group to about 10 that we can pack into three high-clearance vehicles for an all-day excursion starting and ending at a hotel in Ciudad Guzman.
Stay tuned for more information on this event.
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