Thursday, December 28, 2006

Results: Audubon Christmas Bird Count

On December 27, 2006, thirty-four volunteers from Lakeside and Zapopan participated in the first annual Laguna de Chapala Audubon Christmas Bird Count. The final tally is 115 species identified and 4,837 individuals counted. Detailed report is here. Teams are pictured below.

From left: Team leader Tom Holeman, Joel
Gomez, and Jon Roynan.
Tom Holeman, Joel Gomez, and Jon Roynan

From left: Sandy Wallace, Judy McKinnon, Allen
Turner, Margot Wojciechowski, and team leader
Jeanne Greene (front). Not pictured: Neil
McKinnon, Elizabeth Rankin, and Tracey DeLeith.

From left: Randy Kent, Elaine Kent, team leader
Sally Pachulski, and Raymond Price. Not pictured:
Esme Ryan and Patrick Waite.

Back row: Joe Sameh, Tere Valdez, team leader
Vince Gravel. Middle row: Alam Duran, Yael
Valdez, Estefania Valdez, Maxine Walker. Front:
Enrique Valdez.

From left: Chuck Busch, Carol Busch, Marge Fritz,
Carol Bensman, Larry Bouchner, and team leader
Alan Bensman.

From left to right: Clark Drummond, Jeffrey
Drummond, Lizz Drummond, Maxine Walker,
Judy Boyd, and team eader Vince Gravel.