Sunday, September 3, 2006

Sunday Birding Report Sept 3, 2006

Thirty Audubonistas de Lago were fascinated by a hundred hummingbirds at Flossie's on Sunday, Sept 3. We were able to confirm, by concensus, the following five species:

Magnificent Hummingbird (seen quickly at the six oclock seating and briefly just before 5)
Beryline Hummingbird (numerous)
Violet Crowned Hummingbird (numerous)
Green Fronted hummingbird (a bit larger than the Violet crowned)
Broad-Billed (not broad tailed) Hummingbird.

We are told by Flossie that there for every single bird seen at the feeders, there are four waiting their turn. We estimated over a hundred hummers.

Overhead, for those of us who were able to tear our eyes away from the hummingbirds, were:

Inca Dove
Great Kiskadee
Barn Swallow

Vince brought his huge intergalactic telescope and camera so we are hoping for some great shots.

Next event will be hosted by John and will be somewhere in Riberas de Pilar.

Stay tuned ...
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Allen y Judy
Aves Galeria
Ramon Corona #23
A j i j i c, Jalisco, Mx