Thursday, June 15, 2006

Sally's List of Chapala Birds

Here is a list from Sally Pachulski who kindly noted the date and location where she spotted these birds. Note that some birds found on the hillsides are not found at the lake shore.

x Gray silky flycatcher (2) 3/24/2006 Carettera by fonda doƱas
x Bushtit - fully black eared 5/30/2006 Riberas also in yard. I've seen a few but finally did a positive ID today
x Canyon wren 5/19/2006 Mirasol In the back yard
x Blue mockingbird 5/11/2006 Riberas This was a cool looking bird - actually there were two. Hope to catch them again.
x Rufous-backed robin 3/19/2006 Rio Bravo, Rancho Del Oro
x Black and white warbler 3/30/2006 Rio Yaqui, Rancho Del Oro
x Streak-backed oriole Rio Bravo, Rancho Del Oro
x Orchard oriole
x Black-vented oriole
x Hooded Oriole Rio Bravo, Rancho Del Oro
x Bullock's Oriole Rio Bravo, Rancho Del Oro
x Baltimore oriole 3/19/2006
x western tanager 4/4/2006 Zaragoza near Hotel
x Black throated sparrow 5/30/2006 Riberas These are quite common but I finally decided I need to start identifying the different types of sparrows here
x Rusty-crowned ground sparrow 3/24/2006 near piano house Rio naches really got to study this guy!
x White-collared seedeater 5/15/2006 Mirasol & Rio Bravo
x Blue grosbeak 3/22/2006 Amazonia, Rancho Del Oro drinking from a spigot beside the road.
x Indigo bunting 3/24/2006 near piano house Rio naches there were loads of these there this morning.
x Varied bunting 3/7/2006 Amazonia, Rancho Del Oro see quite often now - seems to like seeds from pink wildflower
x White collared seed eater 3/18/2006 Rio Bravo
x loggerhead shrike 3/15/2006 Riberas
x Great-tailed Grackle 3/15/2006 Rio Bravo see every day
x Brown-headed Cowbird Rio Bravo
x Lesser Goldfinch 3/18/2006 Rio Bravo
x Wilson's warbler 3/18/2006 Rio Bravo
x Least grebe 5/13/2006 lake chapla - riberas saw two
x Black Crowned Night Heron 5/7/2006 Riberas
x Black vulture
x kestrel 3/7/2006 Rio Bravo
x Groove-billed ani
x Violet crowned hummingbird 5/12/2006 15 Mirasol
x Broad Billed hummingbird 5/12/2006 15 Mirasol
x Berylline hummingbird 5/12/2006 15 Mirasol
x Williamson's Sapsucker 4/14/2006 Rio Bravo Female on lawn!
x Golden-cheeked woodpecker
x Gila Woodpecker 5/15/2006 Riberas
x Ladder back Woodpecker 5/15/2006 Riberas
x Vermillion Flycatcher
x Social flycatcher 3/1/2006 Rancho del Oro
x Great kiskadee 3/19/2006 Rio Bravo